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    The Gambia is Africa’s most westerly country, surrounded by Senegal and the Atlantic ocean and situated around its namesake The Gambia river. It is the smallest country in Africa, with a rich and varied history and wide range of landscapes. Referred to as the Smiling coast of Africa, its friendly people and small size, means it is readily accessible and welcoming.

    The Gambia is an ideal country popular and affordable for tourists, with no language barrier and six hours flying time from Europe. Through the months of November to April, there is constant sunshine and no rain, with temperatures averaging 32 degrees; May to October is the rainy season, often known as the green season. Here are some basic facts about The Gambia:

    • Official language is English
    • Main local tribes are Mandinka, Jola, Wollof, Fula, Sarahule
    • Currency- Dalasi
    • Electricity 220v (European/British sockets)
    • Timezone- GMT
    • Climate- subtropical



    • There are a number of websites that offer good deals on flights to The Gambia, these include Fly Thomas Cook, Monarch airlines, Vueling and Gambia's own airline Gambia Bird.


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